Is the Humane Society of the United States as truthful and heartfelt about animals as they seem?


Have you ever given to the Humane Society of the United States? If you have, you’ve been a victim of their lies and deception. The Humane Society of the United States used to be all about the care of animals, but today all they care about is money and how they can get more. Those commercials that are incredibly sad and really tug on the heart, maybe even make you shed a tear or two for the animals don’t give out the full truth. For only nineteen dollars a month you can help save an animal, but is it really all going to the animal? Humane Watch a blog that shows the truth about the Humane Society showed that, in fact it does not, only .45% goes to the animal. If you think about it you will give two hundred and twenty-three dollars a year, and only one dollar and three cents is actually used to help the animal. The Humane Society needs to stop being money hungry and focus on the most important thing: the animals.

Are the animal shelters used in the commercials actually theirs?

The commercials you see about the Humane Society with the famous Sarah McLachlan are focused on you giving money, because those sad hurt puppies and kittens staring at you, need your help. What they don’t tell you is those animals in the commercial are in shelters, as you can probably tell, but the Humane Society doesn’t own or operate a single animal shelter. This organization tries to help get better animal abuse laws and focusing on national level issues. The Huffington Post shows that they don’t own a single shelter, I’m pretty sure they should tell you that nineteen dollars a month actually doesn’t go to the animal. 85% of their propaganda uses animal shelters, when only less than half a percent goes to the shelter, that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Is the HSUS a charity?

Another huge detail the Humane Society leaves out is they really aren’t that big into donating. Crazy right? Celeste a blogger shows one example of how the Humane Society, “cashes in on natural disasters” with Hurricane Katrina. Remember when Hurricane Katrina hit and the Humane Society really needed the viewers help in just giving a few dollars a month. They received forty-three million dollars, which is amazing, but Louisiana didn’t get even close to that much. In 2009, a news channel actually outed them for keeping the money. Only seven million actually went to Hurricane Katrina. Charity Watch, one of the biggest watchdogs for charities to let you know if the charity is actually giving the money, gave The Humane Society of the United States a D. Charity Navigator who always has such high ratings for the Humane Society actually revoked the stars and put a, “Donor Advisory” because that money you donate to the organization was actually being used to help them pay back 15.7 million dollars they used to cover things up. Seems to me that the Humane Society is truly just about money these days.

Where does all the money they collect go?

Where does all the money you donate go? The Humane Watch digs deep to find out where all the money actually gets used. For starters the CEO Wayne Pacelle gets a salary of 356,000 dollars. He stated he got into the animal industry because, “he really just wanted to help animals”, but I bet that paycheck motivated him to really “help the animals”. Since Wayne became CEO he has made roughly 4 million dollars. That seems like an awfully lot, considering that he should be helping the animals. The Humane Society made a revenue of a 130 million dollars in 2010 and only 10,000 dollars went to the care of pets, and that money only went to 29 states. 50 million went to an off shore Caribbean tax shelter, 44 million went to the other staff, and 4 million dollars alone went to travel expenses. In 2012, 44 million dollars went for fundraising, which means those heartbreaking commercials with the sad song playing in the background. If the Humane Society stopped and realized that spending 44 million on commercials was a bit too excessive, and actually spent that on helping animals, they would get so much done. Even just having one commercial and not have 10-15 commercials would help substantially. Also, if commercials are what they want as a fundraiser at least be honest, don’t just show pictures and videos of puppies shivering and scared, give the viewers facts. Use commercials to make them believe they are helping. Give them accurate statistics of what the organization is going to do with their money. The Humane Society needs to stop spending money foolishly. They need to look at what they are spending it on and if it is really worth it. 356,000 dollars for one guy’s salary, 4 million for traveling expenses, and 44 million for ad’s, that just doesn’t seem like the best use for the money.

The HSUS doesn’t seem as good and giving now do they?

Just from the few examples I gave, I hope you’re realizing how much the Humane Society doesn’t tell you. Instead of giving that nineteen dollars to them, give it to your local shelter. I personally job shadowed my local Animal Shelter and to this day still volunteer there. Not only do the workers pour their hearts out into caring for the animals, but they would give anything just to have people donate. They are in my opinion some of the best people out there in the world, and it isn’t about just money when they say donate. Blankets, toys, food, treats, bedding, leashes, anything that would help the animals in any way is a donation. Not only that, but in my case anyway, they let me feed the animals when I brought in treats. They will thank you again and again for any little bit you can donate because most local shelters are non-profit volunteer shelters. That means they rely on donations and volunteers. Even coming to walk the animals is a help to them. Don’t give your money to an organization that lies and misleads you, give it to a shelter that would give anything to help dogs and cats. Until the Humane Society of the United States changes for the good, stop giving donations. They need to realize why they started in the first place, it isn’t about the money. The priority is saving the animals.



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